Role of Marketing Management in the Society

Marketing plays an important role in society. The business itself can’t grow unless marketing is efficiently done. A simple example could be, if you have a great product yet people don’t know about it, then this product actually serves no purpose as nobody will buy it.

Hence marketing creates awareness. It not only makes people aware of the products but it also gives them an idea about the different alternatives that are already involved. Hence people can make a better judgment while buying a product. Thus it also teaches the people to differentiate between a professional setup and a nonprofessional one. The big brand always puts a big chunk of money in marketing because they do know that it is one of the few sources for driving the business and the economy.

Yes, it isn’t far-fetched. The economy of a country depends upon the infrastructure and the business too. Marketing helps in expanding the business. This expansion of business, in turn, creates more industries as to keep up with the demands; more and more industries are needed to be setup. On the other hand, more industry means there will be more job opportunities. An established industry can actually eradicate the unemployment issue in a region. As more people will get jobs in that industry, the quality of lifestyle will also increase. Even the crime rates could be decreased up to a certain extent as, more people employed means, people will have legal ways to earn money. Even the poorest people could bring food onto their tables. That’s how a business with proper marketing strategy can prosper the lifestyle of the countryman.

Not to mention, it also gives a boost to the economy. Whatever the products are, a country can export the products to foreign countries this it can earn the foreign reserves which can greatly impact the economy in a positive way.

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