Marketing Management Case Study: How SEO Can Improve Your Presence

Marketing plays a crucial role in the growth and expands of a business. It is such an essential factor in today’s business that, you can’t even think about establishing a business without a sound marketing strategy. This strategy doesn’t need to be big always. Sometimes even smallest of small changes can boost your sales so much that, you will realize that, at most of the times, what you need is a tweak to the system than an overhaul of changes. And this is where experience comes in. A veteran will try to change the approach in a small manner so that, the business stays same yet, it can address the shortcomings.

Such is the case for the site which is basically a baby product selling site. The site was based on JavaScript and since, at that time, search engines couldn’t index the pages that have JavaScript content properly, the site and the business suffered a lot even with great sales offline. Even today, search engines find it difficult to crawl to Ajax content so that, the pages, which served under Ajax, may suffer in terms of Ranking.

What do in that case is, they have removed the JavaScript functionality. Now, without the JavaScript, the search engines could crawl the site better. Even the reviews that are given by the customers prior, which was neglected before, now took an important role in among the site higher up the rankings. Since you could see the site in first few pages, it makes people aware of the brand.

With this awareness, people will try to look at the products that were sold by it’s not only about higher ranking but it also makes possible for the people, to find the items as quickly as possible without going through much hassle.

It’s such an amazing feat that, one when studies, makes it unbelievable that, how one such small change could change the date of a company.

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