Basic Marketing Terms That Everyone Should Know

Marketing is one of the important aspects of a business which can even make or break it. It is such an integral part that every budding entrepreneur should know about the basic terminology. Hence today we have devised a few terminologies which can describe a few key concepts of marketing management.

  1. Bounce rate – It is the number of people that people land on your website yet, exits without clicking anywhere else. These visitors do see your contents but leave without taking more effort.
  2. Channel grouping – It is associated with Google analytics and it simply means to group marketing activities together.
  3. Contacts – It is an important aspect of a business where someone has submitted their information to your site. It gives you lots of opportunities to come up with different ways to use the information.
  4. Dimensions – These are the metrics by which an analytical agent such as Google analytics could give you the standards upon which you can form a conclusion.
  5. Direct traffic – It is the traffic that comes directly to your site by typing the address of the site in the address bar. It shows that the people are aware of your products and your site and hence, you do have a big presence in them.
  6. Engagement rate—Engagement rate shows how much time a visitor is staying on your site. It gives valuable information about the visitor’s rate in your site and by this, you can assess the shortcomings of your site and can also address the sectors that need improvement.
  7. Filter – It allows you to filter out your components or any other Targets. For example, you can filter out the number of people that were in the daytime and at the night time. This setting allows you to narrow down your search and hence provides lots of information on a micro level.

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